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North American Reunion at Utica, New York: August 1-3, 2008

Utica Reunion - 2008: Personal Reflections
Day 3: Sunday, August 3, 2008

by Jacob

Disclaimer: These are just my personal views and observations. It obviously is slanted, biased and subject to all DNA defects. So, please bear with me. It is not intended to hurt anyone or criticize anyone. Liberty for friendly teasing and editorial freedom is taken. Well, you know the rest.

Sunday, August 3, 2008- Closing Ceremonies

Last days are always tough. First there will always be people who has an early flight to catch. Last year it was Jolly and Susan (They came before anyone else on Friday). This year it was Ike/Jaya, Mony/Meena (They also were the first to arrive on Friday.) Savio was next. Jolly/Susan and Jacob/Shila came by car and so had more flexibility in returning time.

Sunday morning was spent mostly on personal chitchats sitting around the breakfast table. We all feasted on the "perakkas" brought by Jolly as well as on the culinary delights prepared by Leena. There was an added urgency in finishing the "poovan pazham" and "perakka" because we knew that whatever is remaining will be enjoyed by the maid and not Mathukutty!

One of the highlights of Sunday was the acupuncture demonstration by Shila, who recently was board certified in Medical acupuncture, an honor bestowed on only about 200 doctors in North America. Jolly wanted to experience what sticking a needle will feel like. When he declared that this is a pleasant experience, others also wanted to join the fun. Soon everyone was sporting a needle somewhere in their body.

It was really nice to see Jolly and Susan. As you may recall, after last year's reunion, Susan suffered an accident and was seriously injured. Jolly's and Susan's faith carried them through the bad times and we were all pleasantly surprised that Susan was almost back to the old Susan, the quiet, reserved and energetic. Meena said Jolly appeared more comfortable with his classmates and was nearly back to his old form in KMC days - whatever that means.

Reunions are there to relish the memories and to renew friendships. None of us know what is in reserve for us tomorrow as we painfully found out last year when we heard of Susan's accident. Jacob aptly reminded everyone that yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery; so all we got is today and that is a present. I strongly urge everyone to reach out and touch someone. Settle the differences. Life is short. You may regret it later if you don't take the initiative to do it today.

We got a photo op as well as seeing the gardens of Mathukutty and Leena. The scenery from their home is just fantastic.

Picture from Mathukutty and Leena's house. (Ike/Jaya, Mony/Meena had already left and not in the picture.
Samson and Jane live in the hill you can see far. It is a spectacular scenery from here.

We want to thank Mathukutty/Leena and Samson/Jane and Dolly for working hard to organizing this reunion. They took many sacrifices and were the perfect hosts. Everything was well choreographed and planned ahead of time; things went very smoothly as a result. For classmates it was a time to renew the good old days. For their family, it was a time to learn a little bit more about the wonder that is called KMC. Everyone had reason to miss it for very valid reasons. Mathukutty and Leena had 2 weddings that day as well as a graduation; Ike and Jaya had a new doctor joining their practice on Friday, the first day of the reunion and it was a very risky affair to leave. Jane had to cancel 24 patients booked for Friday. Jacob had a workshop scheduled at Orlando that weekend that he really wanted to attend, etc. But the fact is that we all took our time to attend and gave this a high priority activity. For this we thank you all. The next "official" reunion will be in Chicago in 2010 hosted by Savio and Annie and we cannot wait to find out what they are planning. The reunion will return to Hudson, God willing,  "where it all began" in 2011.

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