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This website is about the alumni, family and friends of the Kottayam Medical College, Kottayam, Kerala, India.
The batch is popularly known as KMC 1973.

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by Savio and Annie

Dear Friends,

Phil and George, Thank you very much for being the hosts for the reunion and wishing you both a happy wedding anniversary and wishing George a happy birthday again.

Jacob, Thanks to you and Meena for bringing up our website from infancy and making it 'coming of age'. Jacob, I cannot thank you enough for "ALL" the work you do for the KMC.

We ( Annie and me) enjoyed the company of all 'international celebrities( Tommy and family)', 'army Officer (Madhu)', the 'local help (Jommy and Rosily)' and the 'local friends (Dr. Roy and family).

I really loved the rafting although some of us found it quite challenging. Like the saying 'Be a Roman when you are in Rome', you have to be fit like a Canadian when you are in Canada.

It was great that some of us were able to spend some time together in Niagara falls the day before. The entertainment part great as usual with Jacob being in charge and the 'SKIT' made us all cry with laughter.

The only drawback was that we did not have enough time to sit and talk casually. But I can understand the difficulty in cramming everything into such a short time frame.

Again, thank you Leena and Mathew, Meena and Mony, Jaya and Isaac, Susan and Jolly, Shila and Jacob and especially our gracious hosts Phil and George for the great time and company. I wish Jane and Samson were also present. Also special mention for the joy brought to the reunion by our KEVIN, BECKY and LITTLE 'JOE'.

I hope we all will have more occasions to meet again before our 'official reunion'.

Have a nice day,


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