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This website is about the alumni, family and friends of the Kottayam Medical College, Kottayam, Kerala, India.
The batch is popularly known as KMC 1973.

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Philsamma and George

Dear friends: We feel humbled and honored that Brantford, Canada was chosen as the location for inaugurating the KMC1973 official website.

We thank Meena, Mony, Jaya, Ike, Kevin, Tommy and family, Savio, Annie, Jacob, Shila, Madhu, Mathukutty, Leena, Jolly, Susan and Becki for taking time off from their busy schedules and driving all the way along with the hassle of crossing the Canadian-US border, to come to Brantford for a very special event.

This memorable day would not have been possible without each and every one's sacrifices.

Special thanks for Jacob, Shila and Madhu for being the heart and soul of this get together. Without Jacob many things would not have been possible.

Dear Jaya, Ike, Kevin, Tommy, Janet, Chritine, and Clare: The beautiful song and violin added extra flavor to the event.

We thank each and everyone who made it to the party on Aug 1st and made it a very memorable day. Ike, little Joey wants you to play violin for his birthday. Special thanks for Janet for showing me how to warm up parota. Susan and you did a good job. Of course under the supervision of Jaya. Thanks again.

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