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This website is about the alumni, family and friends of the Kottayam Medical College, Kottayam, Kerala, India.
The batch is popularly known as KMC 1973.

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Jaya and Ike

Dear friends,

What a fun weekend we all had! We arrived home only by midnight yesterday. We stopped at our friends' house in Michigan for lunch and spent few hrs there and after evening coffee left the place only by 6.00 pm.

George and Phil, you did a fantastic job of hosting a great get together. Even though we adults were chicken to go on the raft, Kevin, Christine and Claire had a great time. Phil and George, you are great hosts.

George, we wish you a wonderful birthday and we wish you and Phil a very happy wedding anniversary and many many more!

Jacob, as usual you did a great job of being the leader and the great entertainer. Thank you so much for making the new website and Meena for starting this idea many years ago.. What a fantastic job you have done with the new web site! Shila, it was nice seeing you and Madhu. Good luck to Madhu!

Savio and Annie, Meena and Money, Jolly and Susan and Becky, Mathew and Leena: thank you all for the great company. We had so much fun playing the newly wed game.

Savio and Annie, "ente karalinte" was a classic. Let us have more of these dances at the Manat house reunion.

Phil's nephew Jomy and family and Dr. Madan and wife were such good company for this 1973 group! Little Jo is so cute!

Tomy, Janet, Christine Claire had so much fun. They didn't know that our group was so much fun. Tomy and family thank all of you for having them in this get together and George and Phil's hospitality. They know our Alizabath and Rachel from Abu Dhabi. Rachel and Tomy work at the same hospital.

We really missed Jane and Samson.

Regards to all.
Ike and Jaya

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