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Chicago Get Together
AKMG - July 2009

Money at AKMG

As you know, one of the highlights of the AKMG event was the introduction of Money on stage. I am not sure who was more nervous, Money or Meena. You can see that Meena dropped the camera towards the end!!

Here is a video of Money's performance taken by Meena. Audio is not very good as Meena was sitting among the audience and the sound was picked by the video camera's mike.

Here is the link.


by Savio and Annie

Photo Album - See the accompanying pictures in the photo album

AKMG convention started on Thursday and George and Phil, Mathew and Leena were the outsiders. Somehow it looked like the 'Canadians' were being watched from the beginning. They tried to stick Philsamma into a service elevator so that the security could question George, then they tried to strand them outside their room by changing the code on their room key etc etc. Suffice to say we had to 'rescue' them from AKMG convention (Sorry Money and Ike) and keep them outside the hotel.

We had a wonderful time seeing Chicago by foot. Some of the photos shows us walking and standing in front of various attractions. The shiny steel structure behind is famous icon in Chicago called the 'Cloud gate' or 'Bean' because it is bean shaped. It reflects the whole city and was designed by an Indian architect. You may also see us in front of Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, Trump Tower etc etc. We also attended the "Taste of Chicago" festival where we were able to sample smaller portions of menu from several restaurants.

Another highlight of the convention was the health walk or run. It was well attended and myself, Ike, Phil and George represented our batch with 'flying colors'.

In the evening we thought it was safe to "sneak" the Canadians into the hotel. The first day we had Money and Ike take the stage and they almost outperformed Biju Narayanan and Rimy with their talents. We heard Yesudas the second day and we also saw the fireworks. George and Phil wanted to be with all the friends in our condo that they gave away their to tickets to watch the fireworks from the lake. We all watched the fireworks from the condo and had a 'GREAT' time. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR BEING OUR GUESTS. The last day we had formal dinner and I have posted some pictures.

AGAIN, MYSELF AND ANNIE ENJOYED EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOUR COMPANY and our only regret is that it did not last long enough.

Thank YOU,


Photo Album - See the accompanying pictures in the photo album

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