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Poocha Appam

Mathukkutty might be right in claiming that poocha appam has it origin in Palai. Of all the Indians there in US only one Palakkarathi Jaya had the idea to make the Poocha appam.

Edanayila is also called as Vazhana ela. I think it is the same as Bay Leaf, or belongs to that family. I remember a medicinal bush having leaves almost same shape as the edana ela, bearing bunches of white fruits 'called poochappazham'. Except for the fact that they were white, the bunch had some similarity to the 'pottnga' which we see on the road sides in Kottayam district. Possibly it the similarity of the leaves of poochappazham and edana ela that gave the name to the appam. For those Non Palates, here is the recipe for the appam, which some people call as 'kumbil appam'. It is also called chakka ada.

Jackfruit ada (Edana appam)


Rice powder- 2cups
Grated coconut- 1cup
Cardamom powdered- quarter tsp
Jackfruit pulp- 1cup
Salt- to taste
Sugar- 1tbsp (optional)
Coconut milk- to make the dough
Bay leaves- few


Remove the seeds of the Jackfruit and put in mixie and take the pulp. Mix it with other ingredients. Take the Bay leaf and make a cone. Put a little mixture in the cone and close it. Steam for 20 minutes.

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