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Obituary: RIP Tibbs

by Jeff

Earlier today my cat Tibbs passed away. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I believe it was due to a heart arrhythmia.

Anyone that's ever talked to me knows that I love animals, and I loved my cat. I talked about him more than I should, and it's funny but more than my human friends, I felt like I was more like my cat (lazy, hungry, and friendly).

Most anyone that's had a pet knows that they are much more than a novelty.. at one point or another, they become part of you, and part of your family. One thing I'll know is that from 4th grade to now graduating college, the one person in my family that stayed up with me every time I was up at 4 am, was Tibbs. Whenever I'd come home late, or wake up early.. no one would be up, so the person to sit with me would always be Tibbs. I think anyone would agree that if you hang out with someone enough you tend to pick up mannerisms, well hanging with Tibbs made me a much more relaxed individual.

This past summer being back home, Tibbs would sit with me for every meal. Lol our last meal together was this morning, my lazy ass waking up at noon and eating oreos, milk, and a banana for breakfast (ugh). I used to think he was just trying to steal food, but whether or not this was true, we'd always end up sitting around after the food watching TV for awhile. I just had my first meal at home without him, and it's just not the same without someone sniffing around making me work for my food.

Even when we're eating as a family, Tibbs would always join us, and sit on a chair to chill with us. He was a people person, and very big on routine, from following my dad in the morning to sitting with us for family prayer.

One of my favorite stories of his was when when my cousins brought their huge dog over. It was on a leash, and I wanted to see if they could be friends (I was somewhat young at this time). I carried tibbs over, and saw his tail get bushy. I continued to try anyway, until Tibbs bit me so hard I started bleeding all over my arm, I still have the scar today.. thanks bud.

Anyway, I could go on, but I'll just leave it at this, Tibbs was the best pet I could ever ask for, and an even better friend. Rest In Peace Tibbs.

Tribute from Money

Orkunnu   tibbsine  njanere  naalayi
Virahathin  dhukhathil   enmanam  neerunnu
Chackochanum  honeyum keishaum gizmoyum  othuchernnu
Arppikkunnu  adharanjalikal!


This is the transliteration from Google. For some reason we cannot get honeyyum correctly.

ഓര്‍കുന്നു ടിബ്ബ്സിനെ ഞാനേറെ നാളായി
വിരഹത്തിന്‍ ദുഖത്തില്‍ എന്മനം നേരുന്നു
ചാക്കോച്ചനും ഹോനെയ്യും കീശയും ഗിഴ്മോയും ഒത്തുചേര്‍ന്നു
അര്‍പ്പിക്കുന്നു അധരഞ്ഞളികള്‍ !

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