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Good Bye Tibbs

Ike and Family Grieving the Loss of their Favorite Pet.

Tibbs was more than a cat; it was a member of Ike and Jaya's family. He was loved by everyone. Unless you have a pet, it is hard to imagine how much you get attached to your dog or pet. (In fact, I will soon be facing similar grief with the eminent expected departure of our dog Keesha due to old age.)

I perhaps knew Tibbs more than anyone else (save our Meena Nathoon. When Meena Nathoon visits Ike and Jaya's household, everyone, including Tibbs, will run for cover. So, I am not sure if Meena has really seen Tibbs; but Tibbs certainly has seen Meena!)

Tibbs has gained wide fame within our KMC 1973 family during our discussion of Poocha appam. In fact he became a celebrity recently when Thomas Philip and Prameela visited Ike and family during their US visit. TP was so impressed with Tibbs that he took a photo of him and sent that along with the others to me for publishing. Savio also has taken his photo. Here are the two photos taken only a few weeks ago:

Mr Tibbs
Photographed by Savio
Mr. Tibbs photographed
 by Thomas Philip

Unfortunately, Tibbs passed away last Wednesday (July 22, 2009). Everyone who knew Tibbs are grieving the loss. Here is what Jaya said as to what Tibbs meant to them:

"Very sad news. Our Tibbs passed away on Wednesday the 22nd. When we arrived home from work we found him dead on the kitchen floor. He has been part of our family for 13 years. We are all very upset and we miss him a lot.

We had a burial for him yesterday morning. He is in the best place in our garden next to the pond where there is fish. He will always be happy there.

Tibbs was such a beautiful cat in looks and personality. He would answer when we called his name. When we came back from anywhere he would be at the door. He was part of all our functions and activities. He had a chair at dinner table too.

He had a heart murmur for few years. it appears that Maine Coone cats have more predisposition for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which can cause sudden death due to arrythmias.

We all feel like he will be coming just around the corner any time."

Good bye Tibbs. We all will miss you. Don't sample too much of that poocha appam Jaya hides from you.

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