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Xavier Loses Mother
Dr. Xavier C Moolayil's mother died on October 3, 2006. She was 89. Had a sudden death. She was staying with his brother Dr. Mathew C Moolayil at Vazhappally, Changanacherry. Funeral was at Changanacherry Valiyapalli on 4th October morning. (Jose Tom)

Surprise Party at Cochin
We ar eincluding a story as written by Jose Tom as it is:
Today (a day in September 2006) started as any other normal day. Eapen had called me few days back to enquire about a visit of MP at Ernakulam since none of us could go to his house after his fathers death due to various reasons. Soman told yesterday that he is willing to come though he has to go to hospital in the morning. Vijayakumar and Gopi had other engagements. Mohandas called today morning to say that he can also get free from a meeting in the nearby temple by the time we reach his place at Kanjiramattom. So Eapen, on the way from Kanjirappally picked up Soman from District Hospital, Kottayam, myself from my home proceeded to Mohandas's house. He was very much prepared to serve us break fast or an eye opener, which ever we preferred. His wife offered lunch on return. With great difficulty we refused all offers and proceeded to MP's house with Mohandas. When we were nearing Ernakulam, we were discussing about the paucity of get togethers since few months and decided to call Moola. Being Sunday and probably getting bored with ' Empty Nest' Moola told that he and Aravindakshan can meet us at Ernakulam. We went Periappuram's house and spent about 45 minutes there. MP is leaving tomorrow.

We decided to spend some time in Eapen's brother's vacant apartment near Bharat Tourist Home Ernakulam and asked Moola and Aravindakshan to come there. Nearby is a new hotel, started by the sons of Late Mr. Kayikka, the Biriyani specialist. We were on our way to the hotel to collect the Biriyani parcel.Then came the surprise of the day. We saw Ramakrishnan ( our Pillachan) walking along the street. He had come all the way from Palghat to attend some meeting. He also joined our company. We spent some time in the apartment. On our way back, we visited Gangadharan and Chitra - Both were at home. Could see Ganga's mother also, who had a by pass few months back.

Soman was commenting that if we call our classmate Sainudheen for any get together, the only condition he puts forward is that the function should last till evening to get a feeling that ' INNATHE DIVASAM MUTHALAAII'. That was the feeling that we all had today when we returned home late evening. (Jose Tom)

Mathew Periappuram Loses Father
Dear MP: Our family join you in this time of sorrow and pray for your father. Though your father was unwell, he came to our house with your brother Jose when my father died. (Jose Tom)

I just heard (September 8, 2006) from my parents that Mathew P.'s father passed away . Mathew, our  prayers will be with you and your family. Let us all remember Chacko Sir  in our prayers. (Jaya)

Lovely is a Winner Too
Congratulations Deepu. Deepu has passed the step 1 exam at UK. Lovely is deeply relieved. We want to congratulate both Deepu and Lovely. I think Lovely deserves it more than Deepu.

While we are talking about the awards and recognitions received by our KMC alumni, we often overlook the unsung heroes and heroines. Some people sacrifice their lives for the betterment of their family. If there is a person who deserves a high commendation, it is Lovely. After the sudden death of Alex, she has dedicated her life for her kids. She didn't give up, that would have been the easy thing to do. Lovely knew she has to do it alone. But at the same time she didn't become greedy like some others would have done. She often does not collect any fees from poor patients. And she managed to send her kids to US and UK. For one person to do all that while still smiling and still trusting God, I say, she is the biggest winner. Congratulations Lovely. (JM)

Savio and Annie Visits Utica and Hudson
With this visit Savio has completed everyone who have come to the Hudson reunion earlier in the year. Well, that is a great commendable accomplishment. Annie was much more relaxed this time around (well, she may have a false sense of security thinking that the formal introduction ceremony is over. Well, we will see about that!) Here are some photos.

Annakutty is in Complete Remission
We (Jaya and Ike) have been in contact with Thomas George and Rachel since we were planning to visit them In London. By the Grace of God, Annakutty is in complete remission now. Let us all continue to pray for her complete cure. (Jaya)

Ipekutty Relocating to Kottayam
Ipekutty is planning to shift from Muscat and relocate at Kottayam by November 06.

Mercy Back from a Trip to Kerala
Mercy is back in Oman after a short visit Kerala. She met Subrahmonya Iyer, Chithrathara etc. Now she is on annual leave at her residence at Buraimi. (Ipekutty)

Samson's Brother and MP's father Recovering from Recent Bout of Illness

Welcome Madhu and Salam
We are delighted to rediscover Dr. MS Madhusudanan and Dr. Abdul Salam and their families who have joined the KMC Forum. A special commendation to Lovely who connected them to the rest of the alumni. Welcome.

Savio and Poocha Appam
What has Savio to do with Poocha Appam? Everything. Read all about it

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