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New York Reunion - May 2009

Best Story Heard During the New York Reunion

Honey, Where Are You Going? Come Home.
Jain's Encounter With Her Honey in Utica

This is a true story from Uticaland as told by Leena during the NY reunion. I think this is the best story of the reunion and deserve to be in the archives just as the story of "Aana Koothy" told by Mathukutty in the 2008 reunion.

Jane was returning home from a busy day at the office. Since Samson is not at the practice, she usually leave it very tired. Today, she actually dosed off while driving (As you already know, Jane drives in Uticaland with eyes closed. If you want to know why, ask us.)

Something woke her up from her peaceful sleep while driving and she reluctantly opened her eyes. There standing in front of the car is her honey. This is quite far from home. How did honey get here?

Jane thought honey may have taken a hike knowing that she comes by this route on her way back from work so as to get a ride back. She stopped the car and waited for honey to get into the car.

Jane was surprised to see that not only her honey is not getting into the car, honey is walking away from the car without even looking at her.

Jane was very upset. Is her honey mad at her something she said before she left in the morning to work. She knew that she got up a little late today and hence had to rush the morning routines and leave for office without saying anything to honey. Obviously, honey is mad at her.

Jane started pleading to honey. "Honey come home. I am sorry I ignored you today morning. As you know, I had been late to go to work. But now I am back. We can spend some time together. Come please. I beg you."

The honey started walking fast away from Jane. Jane ran after honey to beg forgiveness and to coax honey to go home with her. But honey is moving faster than she can catch up. So, she went back to the car, started it and went after honey in the car. When she came near honey, she stopped the car and went after honey. To her horror, Jane noticed that honey is now running away from her. This has to be a nightmare.

Jane got back into the car and started chasing honey. But whatever she did, she could not get honey to go back to house with her. After running around for 5 miles, she finally gave up. With a heavy heart, she turned the car around to return home alone. She decided in her mind to offer a special prayer in the church to have honey back at home.

Deep in thought, Jane finally made it back safely at home. She parked the car in the garage and opened the door to the kitchen.

She could not believe her eyes. Honey is standing right in front of her. She opened and closed her eyes several times to make sure it is not a dream. She even pinched her hand. Yes, it is real.

Thank you God for answering my prayer so fast. She went and kissed honey. Thank you dear; I will never get mad at you or ignore you. Honey looked at her as if she has lost her mind.

Suddenly, Jane was wide awake and understood what really happened!

What happened? See if you can guess. If not, click here to read the rest of the story.

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