KMC 1973 Medicos and families
New York Reunion - May 2009

Second Place Story

I am the King, I am the King

By now everyone have heard the story of the 48 hour booster shot. Unfortunately all the Amayannoor gang were so excited about hearing the 48 hour shot that they quit listening to the rest of the sermon.

Rev. Finney Samuel was advising Asha and Denny the secrets to a successful married life. (He didn't know about Savio and Annie; otherwise he would have asked Savio for an emergency consult.) He said his success was due to the fact that in his over 20 years of married life, he and his wife never went to sleep together mad. (I guess, when they fought with each other, he left home wandering around the neighborhood. Then he returned and slept on the couch like others do.)

He advised Denny that there is nothing like right and wrong in a married life. It is only the wife's word that counts. If he can grasp that, he will have a truly successful wedded bliss.

Then he turned to Asha and told her that it is not too tough to keep the men happy and contented. All men need is sex and more of it. All successful wives know to provide a booster shot every 48 hours to keep their husbands happy. This is when Savio and company got all excited. Jaya said, "Chee..." Jose Tom, this chee was even stronger than Annamma's chee.

Now that Pastor Finney was on a roll, he continued. He told Asha that men needs security at home. He must be King of the House. This was what Ike was waiting to hear. Ike immediately exploded, "I am the King, I am the King."

Jaya, already disgusted with the prospects of the booster shot, immediately countered, "Ah, ingu vannerey King anennum paranju."

Ike was mumbling, "I am the King; I am the king" even when we were riding the shuttle bus from the yacht club to Surf Club.

Later during the reception, seeing Savio and company were still thrilled about the sermon and Ike still mumbling "I am King", Jaya pronounced another "Chee". The official psychiatrist of the group pronounced that it was inappropriate for the pastor to say that in public. It should have been told rather privately. I do not know what the DSM IV diagnosis was. Social phobia with personality disorder in the sub axis, may be?

Well all the men were unanimous that it is about time women are told what is expected of them. (I am not sure if Ike is still the king or not. It does not matter.)

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