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Madhu Organizes Charity Drive in Muvattupuzha

KMC-73 Group has helped to pay for these uniforms at the Government UP School in Muvattupuzha.
The drive was organized by Madhu.

Around Onam time, Madhu asked if there was any interest in KMC alumni to help provide school uniforms to poor kids. One Govt. Primary School in Muvattupuzha (Govt. Town U.P. School, Muvattupuzha 686661) was in dire need of some financial help for its poor nursery class children for their school uniforms. The kids come from very poor families who cannot afford to buy the uniforms. There were about 50 kids. The cost for providing uniforms to all the kids was estimated at about Rs. 10,000.

KMC alumni in North America immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Within minutes 5 alumni (Philsamma/George, Jaya/Ike, Savio/Annie, Mathew Joseph/Leena, and Shila/Jacob) pledged enough money to cover the entire expense for providing the school uniforms. The money was sent to Madhu for presenting to the school authorities on behalf of all KMC alumni.

On September 26, 2006 Madhu handed over the charity donation to the school authorities. According to Madhu, this was a timely gift. "The condition of some of the children are so pitiful. You can imagine the children of our towns' government primary schools which cater to the below poverty line children."

The Municipal Chairman, Headmaster, PTA President etc. were there when the cheques were handed over to the Headmaster. (Madhusudanan MS)

Thank you Madhu for adopting this cause and following it through. You are the true hero.

It was a KMC-73 project. We all shine when we make another person smile. In this case, we get a chance to make a whole lot of kids happy. There is no better feeling in this world.  Thank you all for participating on this great cause. After all, there is more to American KMC-ites than American Ammayimar. (JM)


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